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Good thinkers, professionals and executives know how to articulate ideas with precision. But when it comes to writing… the game changes imperceptibly.

Imagine trying to play cricket or baseball after reading a how-to book. Writing is a mental sport, and the very first sentence can beguile the beginner.

Creating content is much more than stitching together some words to make some sense.

If you have raw information ready with you, Repairtxt can craft the write-up with clarity and concision.

How we work:

  • Appraising the topic, industry and audience
  • Extracting relevant information, additional research
  • Outlining the story: context, structure, message, pitch
  • Writing main copy with appropriate tone and voice
  • Adding titles, subheadings, quotes, blurbs, image captions
  • Inserting story related leads and interesting hooks if required
  • Editing for sentence brevity, variety, flow and connections
  • Final proofing and plagiarism check
  • Incorporating feedback on the above work and revision

 6p (Rs 3.5) per word

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