Clarity Word macro v3.0

Clichés and business jargon hinder us from creating original content that all readers expect and deserve.Clarity is a little Word macro that shines its search light on content inside your Word documents.The handy writing tool runs on an in-built jargon dictionary of 600+ jargon words. Once installed in Word 2007/10/13, it helps you do the following for clear writing:
  • Highlight jargon words with a click
  • Check jargon density (% of text that is jargon)
  • Avoid some of the most overused industry terms

Clarity is intended primarily for business writers, but will also be of use in fields such as marketing, blogging, journalism and academics. Editors can use it to set permissible levels of jargon. The macro can be edited for adding a personalized cliché and jargon word list to its dictionary.

Make your writing truly original by avoiding jargon with this small but valuable writing tool.

[Clarity says the jargon density of the text you just read is 0%]

Installation: The macro is made on MS Word 2007. For other Office versions (2010/2013), follow the process shown in this video after opening the developer tab (Alt + F11 or from tool bar).