Everything you wanted to know about Repairtxt:

What do you really do?
In short, I provide writing, proofing and editorial services for internal communication projects, marketing communication, academic editing, and copywriting for businesses.

What makes it so important?
Content is not merely about typing out words. It’s a creative activity. And flaws in language can eat into reputation. Besides, good writing reveals more than thoughts; it carries a personal trait, of how orderly and structured your thinking and imagination is.

Who is it meant for?
For everyone who care about their content being good. From corporates and industries to professionals in various fields and universities.

Do you have any area of expertise?
As an editor and writer, I serve all industries and professions. Most of my 10-year experience lies in writing and editing internal communications, marketing collaterals, thought leadership articles, and technical literature.

What kind of publications do you handle?
I create and edit content: for brochures, case studies, newsletters, whitepapers, reports, in-house magazines, websites and intranets, blogs, event collaterals, etc.

What is the 3 cup banner all about?
Good writing is always a result of a 3-step process: from first draft to revision and a final proofing. If you like to drink coffee (or your favorite drink) while creating content, you would need 3 cups to take you through each. We are here to help you at every stage.

What can I expect?
Prompt attention, committed work, good language.

How much do you charge?
Our rates vary depending on the type of assignment and volume.