A large private organization wanted their website to be ‘content driven’, inspired by a similar company abroad.Visuals and content. Or in one word, content.

Content is what visitors face when they open web pages, emails, or pdf reports. Companies, publishers and writers therefore go to great length to ensure everything is fine.

Good content is not limited to branding or creative thinking.

At the ground level, there are some fine reasons to care about the language that represents people, products and services.

The right language builds a community. This is probably the major underlying motivation behind all of branding and advertising.

People recognize, connect and thereby trust your services and work based on how you talk to them.

We were once told in a school class how people in the rural areas consumed retail products but had no real idea what the city life oriented advertisements depicted. It was obviously too remote then, but not now.

Credibility is the first to go when errors creep into content. Especially when dealing with news, but this applies to any content. A British CEO once directly questioned an editor on why correct language mattered. He replied with this point, and received a quick acknowledgement. No wonder, typos are a rallying point in many a forum comments.

Good language also reveals integrity. It shows that the people we are dealing with can both think and write well. The whole message, rounded off succinctly, is the hallmark of people of understanding. It earns the admiration of readers and listeners alike.

So don’t leave content as an afterthought. And even if you do, pay enough attention to get a clean copy published. It carries unknown rewards.