Remember the 1990s style websites? Hyperlinking then was the equivalent of today’s social sharing. And proud felt the sites that displayed blue underlined text.

2015 is a far distance from then, and I thought it would be befitting to take a glance at how websites look and feel in the Indian corporate space. (About the Webby, only 344 websites made it to their list this year, out of a total of 926,530,422 sites worldwide. I wonder if they actually had a look at all of them.)

So here are my perceptions, taken in a breeze, of some of the websites in India’s manufacturing, capital goods and heavy industry sectors. The companies are from the current list comprising the respective BSE/NSE sector indices.

As will be obvious, the review comments are an outcome of very brief, fleeting impressions, as doing a detailed review was beyond scope. The perspective is of a general, educated reader (not the prime target audience of these websites who would be additionally, or not, B2B customers), who appreciates quality and hates sloppy workmanship and service.

As expected, the public sector, government run organizations fared poorly, but so did some private companies.