Men of few words are the best men. – William Shakespeare

Some people are good talkers. They are also good at explaining things. Ask them and they will give you the background, the grounds-up view of things, and break down complex technologies and processes to reveal their inside significance. Ask them to write it down, and it may appear something out of the world for them to be asked to do so. That is just fine.

With novice writers engaged to write while at work, the problem appears to be a tendency to put everything down together at once – the what, where and the why’s, the background, and every aspect worth conveying. So that nothing is left out, and the good intentions are understood.

Simple text and language are hard to produce, but harder to ignore. In my experience, the aspects of writing that usually go wrong are:

  • Not being able to tie up several ideas together
  • Cramming too much information
  • The order of information isn’t well thought out
  • Convoluted sentence construction
  • Translating native language structures into English
  • Not getting consistency in style
  • Using too many words where less will do

My new service – Simplify – takes care of all of the above and more, to bring the power of simple content in your hands.

Before and after: Simple and complex writing examples

The point is NOT — to enhance the level and facility of reading comprehension…
That was the old point; the new point … is to make sure you can understand us. – Al Gore

Simple and clear language carries an advantage, and editors are often asked to simplify text. Here are some cases I have collected along with my edited versions.

An inspiring award
The recognition will further bolster our untiring efforts in providing globally benchmarked solutions to the key markets in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.The award inspires us to continue to work harder, and provide the best of global technology to our customers in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.A vital concern
Efficient and clean power is of vital concern today for rapidly changing economies and people around the world.In today’s changing economies, people urgently need efficient and clean power.Long-term value
Profitable growth is the best way to assure creation of long-term value for shareholders, helping enterprises in running a high-performance business. Through shareholder value analysis techniques, enterprises can identify and understand shareholder value creation by using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.Through profitable growth, a business can perform better and also create long-term value for its shareholders. To achieve this, analysis techniques provide both quantitative and qualitative methods to identify and understand how shareholder value can be created.Physical presence
Keeping in view the difficulties faced by customers in complying with registration requirements, the Bank has simplified the registration norms which now do not even require physical presence of the customer to complete the registration process.The Bank has simplified the registration process needed for compliance. Now customers need not be present in person to register for the services.Re-alignment
Manufacturers are in the process of identifying ways to differentiate themselves by realigning business processes and applications.Manufacturers are trying to stand out from competition by re-ordering processes and applications.A land of laws
India is a land of laws… While carrying out day to day business operations, it is difficult to refer different books for various laws, which makes compliance more complicated. Hence, there is a need to have all important rules and regulations at one place, in easily readable form.India is a land of laws… A plethora of regulations spread across various books makes it difficult to refer and comply with them while running a daily business. Hence there is an urgent need to collate all important rules and regulations at one place in an easily readable form.A million-dollar question
Viability of the alternate energy technologies is a million-dollar question hovering over the energy suppliers and distribution systems considering the approach to vie for a clean energy source…Given the demand for clean energy and alternative sources, the millions-dollar question hovering over energy suppliers and distribution systems is about their viability.Spectrum of possibilities
Digital is the spectrum of possibilities connecting the enterprise with stakeholders like never before. As a business leader today, you have the tools to connect and engage more meaningfully with consumers, partners, and employees. The world of connected devices and the explosion of data ensures that more digital opportunities open up every minute. Moreover, the cloud ecosystem is enabling enterprises to optimize and simplify their processes and operations and make systems available anytime, anywhere.This one, dear reader, I leave to you.

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