Messy and garbled Excel sheets are a nightmare for content writers and managers. To make project tracking simple, I created this flexible and responsive project tracking template Excel sheet.

Content writers and project managers sometimes handle loads of documents. A lengthy and multi-point content review process adds to the complexity of knowing the exact situation of each article or content piece.

There are many project templates available on the internet. Some are simply timelines templates. But few come close to tackling the details and complexities that exist on the ground for writers and content creators.

The Excel project tracker is divided into three neat areas: WritingReview and Final Status. This makes it easy to switch and check the status of each stage, and prevents the tracker from getting cluttered.

The project status template is meant to be maintained by writers, though reviewers too can add their status updates.

The tool uses automatic field update features of Excel to reduce manual entry in multiple columns. So when a writer enters a status as ‘Done’ in the Writing sheet, it is reflected automatically in the Final Status sheet, and shown in the progress bar.

The content project tracker can be adapted easily for simpler content projects by hiding columns that are not needed.

Another wonderful feature is the small progress bar that shows at a glance how many documents are in WIP, revision or final state.

Since there can be multiple stages and many rounds of iterations involved even during a single review in the project process, the tracker allows for updating the fields repeatedly without getting into the details of each iteration.

Here are some snapshots of a dummy content project status tracking (click to see larger picture):

Writing Tracker:

Content Review Sheet:

Project status tracker - content review

Final Content Status Sheet:

Project status tracker - final

It may take a while to get a hang of how the project tracking template works. Adopting and sticking to keeping it updated can give a clear picture of where the writing project is at any point in time.

Download the Project Tracking Template Excel Sheet