Once in a while it makes sense to see what keywords are attracting people to your site, and especially what keywords bring your site pages to the top in the search engines. Here are the top keywords for this site and my views on these:

  1. Chinta chhod chintamani review
    The play has been performed many times. Though the concept and the name was attractive, it could have been better — where the problem lay is difficult to pinpoint — family dramas involve many members, and it’s difficult to take sides. The play had familiar strands running through it — religion, cricket, exams, grown up kids. I hope it delivered the right message!
  2. The flower that smiles today shelley analysis
    We read the poem in high school, and in those depressing days, it lent more tragedy to life. It ends on an optimistic note, but the tone is very stark and sombre, though very forthright. Still makes for a good light read.
  3. Morbe village
    Often went there, and became friendly with a farmer and his family. I was passing underneath electrical transmission lines in wet weather, when I felt strong shocks passing through the metal sheath of the umbrella. From this village one can go to a small dam and some tribal villages. An ayurvedic treatment centre is nearby with staying facilities.
  4. Basecamp mumbai
    Not sure where or what this is. Mumbai is the base for millions, who return back to their villages and towns seasonally. In that case, basecamp is their native place, not the city. This is a place to just make money. Other things don’t matter.
  5. Vakadi village new panvel
    On the way to Morbe, we pass through Vakadi.

  6. Brahmavarta
    The Nana Sahib with his escort, Leaving Luckno...
    The Nana Sahib with his escort, Leaving Lucknow to meet the Rebel Force advancing from Malwa. Anonymous engraver. London Printing and Publishing Co. Steel engraved print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    A bookstore owner at Kanpur sent me here with a handwritten note to his younger brother who worked at the toll here. The instruction was to show me around this place. A historical place of great importance located near Kanpur. The place around which the universe is said to revolve in Hindu mythology. A metal polyalloy embedded in a small Brahma temple near the Ganga river is a great attraction here. The ashram of sage Valmikiis believed to be located here — it’s built on a small mound overlooking the serenely flowing Ganga. Sita lived here with her two sons, as per the folklore. And Dhruva the prince did penance here on a small mound named after him, and was granted immortality as the Pole Star.There are many mosques as well. These were apparently destroyed by the British in their counter-reaction to the 1857 revolt. Rani of Jhansi is said to have escaped through a tunnel at this place — some local guys showed me where the tunnel was believed to exist. Also called Bithoor, and popular for the king Nana Sahib.

  7. Angulimal became valmikiAfter strolling through the remains of the monastery at Shravasti, I went to explore the remains of the ancient city. The road led to an ancient fort and some Buddhist stupas. Two young girls lured me further with a sweet local dialect invitation — “Hamre gaon mein Ganga mayya awat rahin. Chalo hum dikhawat hain.” (Our village has been visited by Mother Ganga. Come with us, we will show you. [The area had been flooded by rising river levels, and my bus had to take a detour via Basti.] ) They belonged to a group of cow and goat herders — young boys and girls led by an old man — who rested opposite the stupa – said to be the tomb of Angulimal — the dreaded dacoit converted to good ways by the Buddha.
  8. Swapna nagari resort
    A small resort with Japanese style gardens and waterfalls, this place is often used for movie shoots. I happened to be at one of these — a Bhojpuri song shoot. The actress, fair and plump, turned out to be the one who had shot to attention in a case related to a porn MMS sometime back. So now she was acting in Bhojpuri films. It took dozens of retakes to finally make the new actor get his movements right. The dance director, a young guy assisted by a smart girl dancer, terrorised the unit with his loud direction and dominating personality. “Tere ko hero bana ke he rahoonga,” he told the good looking actor. (“I will make you into a hero.”) Sequence over, they all departed happily for lunch.

  9. Surve farms panvel
    On the way to Vakadi and Swapnanagari, we come across this farm. Never met Mr Surve.

  10. Jhansi sex.com
    Well, Jhansi is a small town that people reach for travelling to Khajuraho. It was made famous by the Jhansi ki Rani, who is known to every Indian schoolboy.  The route to the town is mesmerising, and the town itself is a quite place, with a small hill nearby.  If you searched this keyword, you are quite close. Sex is probably found not in Jhansi, but at the nearby Khajuraho.
  11. Rajasthani women breastRajasthani girls
    There is nothing of any special note in these. I met and saw a couple of women during my travels, and found them – the women – fine enough. The Kalbeli dancers, the camel owners, they were all quite friendly.