We are surrounded by violence today, and the media too is eager to bring it to us.  Our body, mind and soul are being filled with violence. So much so that, for the common man today, violence has become the first and surest means to resolve problems. Little do we realise the immense power of non-violence. That it alone can make us live a real and fulfilling life. That non-violence is also the road to self-discovery.

There is an instinct of aggression in all of us — for self preservation.  Children show an affinity for violence early on.  But the real man, a true man, is a product of non-violence. We hurt others, and in doing so, ourselves in many ways through violence – in thought, speech and action.

It is no exaggeration but an evident fact that the world today is burning with violence. Whether it is at home, the neighbourhood, or the world affairs at large. We are injuring others and themselves through words and action. At the personal level, we are moving away from doing our biggest duty — to be at peace and live our lives as we wish to.

Have we become addicted to violence? So much so that the very mention of the the peaceful approach to living life has become revolting and boring?

People love to see action, and where there is no conflict, no use of forceful and hurting ways, there appears no interest. There is today nothing more interesting indeed than the sight of two people fighting. The Big Boss shows fulfill this need.

James Bond movies are full of sadistic violence. What an action-inspired thrill they give us. Gangs of Wasseypur is a violence ridden movie, and how viewers describe it as a ‘good movie’.

We will never discover our true selves unless and until we get rid of violence in all its forms. It is a menace that has engulfed us and has taken us away from living a healthy, fulfilling life.