If one were to take a vow of peace and non-violence in all its forms – speech, thought and action – chances are it wouldn’t last five minutes in the big world. Every sphere of life is ridden with conflicts that never fail to arouse us, and it is always the passionate animal inside that they ping on. It did not take long for Moses to lose control and break his first commandment.

If you get up in the morning and your thoughts are full of hatred, curses, and ridden with reactionary violence, that is the time to remember that what makes us human is that part of the psychological iceberg that rises up above the water, on which shine the bright rays of the sun.

Anger is the most stupid thing in the world. How bad it makes us feel long afterwards? Recently in the overcrowded train, a young man argues with an older man over a most silly situation. As is so common in these morning commutes, he went on to threaten and challenge the man to get down on the station where ‘he would see him’. I moved away from them, fearing getting caught in the ‘action’ that could break any time. The older man kept his cool and that was the end of it.

A mutual resolution of conflicts always comes as a welcome surprise, and even brings people together. But such cases are far too uncommon in the Mumbai local trains.