reality based view
(Photo credit: rocketjim54)

We talk about mistakes, and sometimes fear them. They let us down, and reveal our weaknesses in flesh and blood. These are common mistakes that everyone makes, and some that only a few, or even just you. But ever made a mistake that was big and probably changed the course of your life?

Sounds dreadful! Those are big decisions, big events. But a guy in the train today put it in a most amazing way. If you have never made a mistake in life, then your life is… not complete, he said. It set me thinking, and so today I learnt a new thought from a stranger.

To have never made mistakes is probably as good as to have never lived. For when we strive, mistakes are inevitable.

“Sully yourself,” was part of the advice I was given long time ago, in college, by a teacher-friend from another college. We spoke of relationships, norms. But I was too young in those days. For sure, making rash decisions and acting in haste can get us into trouble. It is a test of one’s strength and character and judgement as to how one goes about meeting the challenges that life loves to throw at every step we make.