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Meticulous, dedicated and quick. 21c Content Shop offers content editing and writing service for marketing, business and academic purposes. If you are racing against time:

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Crisp press releases

Let’s make your achievements shine by writing a convincing and professionally formatted press release. A simple media release can be obtained within a day and makes for a good marketing tool for start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Quick & Simple
$ 5
250 words
(Rs 350)
Simple template
Simple headline
Organized information
1-day delivery
$5 for extra 100 words
$ 10
350 words
(Rs 650)
Professional template
Rich context
Appealing headline, intro
Convincing tone
Data from sources
2-day delivery
$5 for extra 100 words
In bulk: 5 PRs
$ 45
350 words each
(Rs 2,900)
5 PRs of 350 words each
Professional template
Simple title and intro
Data from sources
3-day delivery
Extra PRs at $5 / PR

Hire Content Editor

Score high on impressions with meticulously edited reports, proofed essays, and polished marketing and website content. Great value for businesses, marketing teams and college students.

Quick proofing
$ 8
1500 words
(Rs 500)
Correct spellings, grammar, punctuation
Remove major sentence flaws $5 / Rs 300 for extra 1000 words
2-day delivery
Light Editing
$ 15
3000 words
(Rs 1000)
Correct spellings, grammar, punctuation
Sentence flaw correction
Improved flow and structure
Formatted document
Good titles, subheads, captions
2-day delivery
$5 (Rs 300) for extra 800 words
$ 35
5000 words
(Rs 2000)
Detailed sentence level edits
Re-structuring for flow and connections
Secondary research if needed
Professional formatting
Cover, ToC, citations, author bios
PDF conversion
2-day delivery
$ 5 (Rs 300) for extra 500 words


Give a professional touch to your e-book with quick proofreading and copy editing for grammar, flow, structure and formatting. In your budget, and great value for budding authors and writers.

Quick proofing
$ 50
20,000 words
(Rs 3000)
Clean spelling, grammar and punctuation
2-day delivery
$5 for every 3000 words extra
Copy editing
$ 80
20,000 words
(Rs 5000)
Spelling, grammar, punctuation
Active voice and structure improvement
Flow check
Style consistency
Good formatting
3-day delivery
$5 for every 2000 words extra


Create a professional press release

Proof and edit my marketing material

Proof/edit my e-book